Kid Ink - Miami

Kid Ink - Miami

Proving he's a man of his word, Kid Ink is back for the second straight week with another release. He recently tweeted, "I'm back to having fun with the music again...gonna keep dropping every week for a while to get that feeling back. When I drop I hope you rock with it... but if not, its all good just skip it and wait for the next one... there will be more to come."

Following up his last week's release of "No Stones" featuring Cassie Veggies, this banger is an ode to the South Beach vacation hotspot, Miami. I mean, who doesn't love South Beach?

Fast cars, beautiful ladies, jet skis, yea.. Kid Ink brings it all up on his latest release, and shows he's not letting his wave die down any time soon. It actually inspired us to drop a South Beach capsule since, yea.. we all love Miami! Here's a sneak peak of the South Beach Presidential.. shhh .. 😏

In the meantime.. checkout Kid Ink's latest release, Miami here:

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