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Our Mystery Hats Boxes are a limited time offer. This is your chance to really upgrade your headwear in one single purchase. These boxes are a mixed variety of Premium, snapbacks, dad hats, truckers, buckets and ski mask. Some of the hats featured in these boxes are 1 of 1, meaning they have never been mass produced. All boxes are pre-packed and all hats are randomly selected. Every hats box will also include a NEW 5 Sticker pack. Because this is such a great deal we can not allow any additional discounts or promotions to apply to this item.

• 6 Premium Hats

• 5 High Quality Stickers

• All Sales are final - no returns

• Hats are pre-packed - Hats are selected at random

• On average this is a $240 value - Save $140

• No duplicate hats in box - 6 Unique Styles 

• FREE Shipping to the United States